The 26th Shanghai international kitchen and bathroom exhibition has entered its third day. Whether from the participation of exhibitors, exhibition content or the innovative mode of online and offline dual platforms, this exhibition can not be underestimated. In n1e03 booth, Carlia let more people see the quality and intelligence of stainless steel kitchen cabinet field, and also let more people see the strength of an all steel brand

At present, the kitchen and bathroom space ushers in a new era. People combine it with the pursuit of high-quality life, and begin to develop into an intelligent scene space integrating beauty and practicality. This also promotes the constant renewal and upgrading of kitchen and bathroom brands, so as to better meet the market demand

The stainless steel kitchen cabinet abandons the traditional impression tone, and now with the blessing of science and technology, it is more in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people advocating health. With stainless steel as the gene, through constant breaking, remodeling, deconstruction and combination, we can show the coexistence of strength and “beauty” with various styles, or fashionable and simple, or atmospheric American, or luxurious personality. The exhibition hall of Carlia n1e03 attracted the attention of a large number of visitors, and people punched in the smart manufacturing charm of all steel kitchen cabinets one after another

In such a competitive environment, Carlia always attaches importance to technological innovation and process research and development, and pays attention to efficient minimalist life + space. Customization is not limited to style and style, focusing on customer demand, extending the kitchen space to the nth power. Customization + also represents unlimited possibilities, allowing users to enjoy one-stop stainless steel customized home overall scheme

At present, the consumer market of stainless steel customized home still has great potential. Compared with the whole market share, Carlia still has a very large space to play. In order to further realize the functionality and aesthetics of kitchen cabinet products, Carlia continuously improves the process, introduces foreign intelligent configuration, creates more high-quality high-end stainless steel kitchen cabinet customization, and continues to improve the omni channel operation, and constantly expands and sinks. On the way to dream, Carlia sincerely invites dreamers to move forward together, adhering to the determination to create a comfortable kitchen experience for more Chinese families and the ideal of creating a beautiful kitchen space to go hand in hand